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                                       An actual dental being performed.
Dental Services

Did you know that dental disease in pets, if left untreated, can compromise and damage major organ function?  Dental disease can occur in all breeds of dogs and cats, although some breeds and some individual animals are more predisposed to dental disease than others.

At the Russell Animal Hospital, dental health begins with an oral examination done at your pet’s annual preventative health visit.  Our doctors will examine your pet’s mouth to make sure the oral cavity and teeth appear to be normal and healthy. If your pet is found to have dental disease, we will explain the nature and severity of the problem and prepare a recommended treatment plan tailor-made for your pet.

Our doctors and dental technicians have had advanced training in dentistry and many years of experience in providing dental care.  We have a dedicated dental suite and digital dental radiography necessary for proper assessment of our patient’s oral health and professional management of their dental disease. Our doctors and staff are interested in all aspects of dental care throughout the life of your pet and we are committed to the premise that prophylactic dental care at home makes a healthier pet and helps to reduce the number of times a pet will need dental cleanings.

In order to do a safe and thorough dental procedure on pets, general anesthesia is necessary. A typical dental procedure includes:pre-anesthetic blood work (used to assess major organ systems that could affect our choice of anesthesia protocols), an anesthetic plan written by a doctor and administered by certified technicians, an oral cavity and dental examination by a doctor, careful monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, intravenous fluid support during anesthesia, ultrasonic scaling and polishing of teeth, extractions if necessary, pre and post-dental procedure radiography and pain management.

After a dental treatment, our technicians will monitor your pet as they wake up in our recovery suite.  Typically, most pets will be ready for discharge in the mid to late afternoon. Your pet will be scheduled a discharge appointment with one of our dental technicians so that they can explain the day’s findings, home care recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

We have a well-established referral network for pets requiring an advanced level of specialty dental services such as restorative work and root canals.

Please feel free to call should you have questions or concerns about your pet’s oral health.