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On behalf of the staff at Russell Animal Hospital PA, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page.

Share your story by filling in the Pet Memorials Form.

Mr. Blodget's tribute to Zero:

This is Madison, our black lab.  Maddy was only 10 years old when she passed this past August.  She was a wonderful dog and a best friend. Madison lived for, and loved, to chase balls and swim. Often we would find her in the lake swimming by herself and chasing the bubbles she made while swimming. She knew all of our nuances and knew what she could get away with when no one was looking-she was a professional counter cruiser!  Rest in peace, Madison. You were well-loved and are missed.

Name    Xena,  our Rat Terrier
Date of passing 6/18/15

Remembering Xena. I wasn’t so crazy about the idea of getting a dog, knowing that the mom would be the one to do the feeding and walking and tending, when others tired of those tasks. But words cannot express how blessed I was, our family was, to have you in our lives. So many things I remember, Xena. How tiny you were when we brought you home. How you were the over-achiever in doggy school. How you could perform tricks that would amaze. How excited you were hearing, “Wanna go for a ride?” How you could jump high enough to see over the kitchen counter. How you could beat Jake, a record sprinter, running up our steep driveway. How you never tired of fetching the tennis ball up and down the front lawn. How you slept with Becca every night until she went to college. How you proudly protected our property and your family. How you loved sharing a clementine with Stacy in front of the fire. How fireworks and thunderstorms made you quake and bolt if we weren’t home to calm you. How no squeaky toy was safe with you for more than a day before you ripped out the squeaker. How you would follow me from room to room, just to be close. How you would do anything for food. How you loved to run and hike, but hated to swim. How you joyfully joined me in tackling the 48 four-thousand footers in NH. You have been my constant companion. I can’t imagine life without you. For more than 16 years, you were the first to greet me in the morning. You were ecstatic when I returned home, whether gone for a few days or only an hour. But your last hike was three years ago. And age has taken away your hearing, most of your sight, much of your mobility, your zest for life, and before it robs you of your dignity, it is time for us to take away your pain and give you peace. I find it hard to breathe; I feel this huge ache in my heart. Words are inadequate in describing how you enriched my life with your unconditional love. You were an amazing dog. I will love you and remember you until the day that I die.